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Our early customers see great results in improving employee focus, creativity and engagement.

Increase employee engagement and productivity

Studies show healthier employees feel more optimistic, creative, are more engaged and productive. 

Save employee time

Using our online fitness service, save time and help them stay healthy and productive.

Emotional Wellness & Stress management

Take live interactive classes or work directly with our meditation teachers and wellness coaches to develop healthy and sustainable habits to fight work/life stress.

No initiation fees, no cancellation fees

Pay only for the classes you take.

Build team spirit

Our product is designed to encourage live group interaction. Foster more connection and team spirit by taking group classes.

Potential reduced healthcare cost

Consistent mind and body wellness promotes better health potentially reducing long-term healthcare cost.

Engaging service that's so convenient it just works

Simple to use. Convenient. Build healthy habits consistently. Don't believe us? Try us out and let us know.

Simplify administration

Create teams, invite members, track spending, set spending limits. Do it once and let it happen automatically. Or customize as you need.