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Do your employees need help…

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Being more productive and engaged?

Multi-tasking, lack of focus, lack of engagement, burnout are productivity killers.

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Managing stress?

Work deadlines/projects take a toll on emotional health.

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Or need compassionate help in privacy?

Need a compassionate space/expert to talk about your emotional or physical health issues with complete privacy?


Sprung is a product designed to meet their needs.

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Answer a few questions about your goals, pick live classes and  interact with expert trainers/teachers/nutritionists directly about specific problems you have.

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Our group classes are upto 5x cheaper than a comparable class elsewhere

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Take classes that fit your schedule from your home, office space or anywhere when you travel

How it works?

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Guided by live teachers, trainers & experts

We bring together the finest teachers and experts with 1-click access to serve your specialized needs

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Live, interactive classes & custom courses

Take live classes for specific problems like enhanced focus, weight management, eating disorders, back pain alleviation, bone strengthening, anxiety issues, etc.

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Anytime. Anywhere.

Join the live classes using our mobile app/website and TV based product from the convenience of your home or office space!


Launching soon..

A live interactive wellness experience like never before. Right in your living room or office space!

Join our Early Access program and get discounted classes!